What is your name?
Jane Dyck

Where are you from?
Keremeos BC

Where do you live now?
Kamloops BC

What instruments do you play? 
Violin, Piano, and Cello

How long have you played your instruments?
Violin: Since I was 3 years old. Piano: A very long time. Cello: 13 years.

What made you pick those instruments?
I wanted to play violin after watching my mom and brother play violin and sit through their lessons I wanted to play too. Piano I always wanted to join my older sister in her practice and while I was allowed to play the top notes of the piano when she practice it soon moved on to mini lessons with my sister Finally at age 13 I received a large sum of money from my grandfather I bought myself a cello and took a couple years of lessons

Where did you study?
I studied in Penticton with Jacob Kaiser Kamloops with Denis Letourneau and Cvetozar Vutev -violin Keremeos with Cecilia Dyck, Penticton with Late Helen Silvester, Kamloops Alice Wiens, and Curtis Howell -Piano Penticton with George Kiraly - Cello

Please list any awards, accomplishments, etc.
Royal Conservatory of Canada Diploma in piano Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Music For Young Children Teacher

If you could have dinner with any composer (living or dead) who would it be and why?
Bach to ask him how he can keep the music so organized in his head

What is your favourite genre of music, other than classical music?
Just Classical Music sorry

What is your favourite band?
Hmmm too many to name

Other than the KSO, who do you perform with?
I play with the Brandenburg Orchestra, accompany Brock Middle school choir

What are some interesting places you have traveled to?
I have gone to Holland, Sweden, Austria and went through Denmark and Germany

What are your hobbies outside of music?
I enjoy the outdoors hiking, kayaking training any animal that has fur on it (wait a minuet I trained a fighting fish to jump through a hoop) Mainly I like to train horses though on the hobby farm the cat dog goat and cows all have a turn learning something

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Heavenly Hash

What is your guilty pleasure?
Sitting on my horse and dreaming of practicing as I gallop along in the wide open hills of Kamloops

Do you get nervous? And how do you calm your nerves before a performance?
Yes by reminding myself why I love to play my instrument so much

Please add anything that you'd like to share with our audience:
Playing in an orchestra has been my dream since I first went to see an orchestra and I feel so privileged to be able to play with so many great musicians and share my love of music with those who come to enjoy this wonderful world of music.