What is your name?
Holly Bryan

Where are you from?
Brandon, MB

Where do you live now?
Vancouver, BC

What instruments do you play?

How long have you played your instrument?
14 years

What made you pick that instrument?
My older sister played the horn in band, so when we had to choose a band instrument I picked the horn because we already had one at home.

Where did you study?
I have a Bachelor of Music from Brandon University, and a Master of Music from the University of British Columbia.

If you could have dinner with any composer (living or dead) who would it be and why?
I would love to have dinner with Gustav Mahler because his symphonies are some of my favourite pieces. His symphonies seem to take you on an incredibly intimate journey through his mind, so I would love to see what he would be like to chat with.

What is your favourite genre of music, other than classical music?

What is your favourite band?
David Bowie

Other than the KSO, who do you perform with?
I am a regular substitute/extra player for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony, Vancouver Film Orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, and many others. I am also a member of the Fireside Quintet.

What are your hobbies outside of music?
I love camping, cycling and hiking. I also sew vintage-style teddy bears and knit.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Do you get nervous? And how do you calm your nerves before a performance?
I do get nervous before some performances. I use positive visualisation and meditation to calm my nerves. I also find that riding my bike to the performance helps to get rid of my nervous energy.

Please add anything that you'd like to share with our audience
Thank you for being such a supportive and welcoming audience for the KSO! I look forward to seeing you again this season!