The Kamloops Symphony Orchestra (KSO) & KSO Music School (KSMS) is pleased to announce that it has received $59,550 from the Community Services Recovery Fund, a $400 million investment from the Government of Canada to support community service organizations, including charities, non-profits, and Indigenous governing bodies, as they adapt and modernize their organizations.

The funding will support the Kamloops Symphony Society’s Fund Development Program & Data Management Project, which aims to enhance the organization’s capacity to raise funds, improve data management with a focus on increased security and privacy priorities; and enhance our relationships with members of our community, including donors and concert attendees. The project will involve hiring an external consultant to design a modern sustainable fundraising strategy, upgrade the database system, and develop a marketing and communications strategy.

This project will support the important work of both the KSO and KSMS. The KSO is a community resource that provides live orchestral music performances, music education programs, and related music services for the citizens of the Kamloops region and beyond. Founded in 1976, the orchestra consists of professional musicians who perform a diverse repertoire of classical and contemporary works. The orchestra also collaborates with local choirs, soloists, and guest artists to enrich the cultural landscape of the Thompson Valley region.

KSMS is a not-for-profit music performance and education initiative. Founded in 2002, the school offers private lessons, group lessons, and other musical resources to all levels and ages. The school currently has programs for children as young as 2 years old. The school’s mission is to provide quality music education that fosters personal growth and enriches the entire community.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, community service organizations, including charities, non-profits, and Indigenous governing bodies across Canada have shown impressive stamina and creativity in their response to the diverse and increasingly challenging needs of their communities. The Community Services Recovery Fund responded to what community service organizations needed and supports them as they adapt to long-term opportunities. The Community Services Recovery Fund is delivered by three National Funders — Canadian Red Cross, Community Foundations of Canada, and United Way Centraide Canada. The fund is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to help community service organizations adapt and modernize their operations to grow and support their communities.

“We are very grateful to receive this funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund. This project will help us strengthen our organization and ensure our long-term sustainability. We look forward to continuing to provide music education and opportunities to our students and community,” said Christopher Young, Executive Director of the KSO & KSO Music School.

funded by the government of canada's community services recovery fund

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