We are actively searching for a new performance venue for the duration of the repairs to the Sagebrush Theatre. Kathy Humphreys, Executive Director of the KSO says, “ Because of the large number of participants we must accommodate, our challenges in finding a suitable alternative venue are unique. There are essentially no venues that meet all of our needs for the performers, the audience, and the technical requirements of a full symphony orchestra.”

The search for an interim venue is presently our top priority. Single ticket sales for all orchestra performances will be temporarily suspended until the new venue is established and the available seating numbers are known. Tickets for the two remaining chamber music concerts will be unaffected, as these performances take place in The Rex Hall.

We ask that our audience members call us in the the symphony office at 250-372-5000 with questions and concerns, rather than adding to the overwhelming number of call currently being handled by Kamloops Live! Box Office.