Further embracing the transition to digital, the Kamloops Symphony has made the decision to go completely paperless for the Spring 2022 Edition of Barb’s Used Book & Music Sale. The sale of paper books will therefore be suspended for the semiannual sale.

“The Kamloops Symphony has been forced to go digital in so many ways over the last two years, with our entire 2020-21 Season taking place online” says Executive Director Daniel Mills. “This really was a natural progression for us in going exclusively digital.”

The Symphony has made this decision in part due to the lack of interest in reading paper novels. Also, it seems that no one has any materials to donate, based on the daily phone calls we get at the office about when and where people can donate their paper books.

To start, the digital books will be available on Blackberry and PalmPilot devices, with Windows Phone following within 30-40 days of the initial launch. Apple and Android devices should be supported by 2025.

Although the technology isn’t quite there yet, future plans include fully automated robots and kiosks to replace our incredible volunteer base historically used to run the sale.

Transactions of bitcoins, dogecoins and other cryptocurrencies will be the only form of payment accepted. Funds raised will be going to transitioning the Kamloops Symphony into a virtual reality experience.

The extensive piles of high-quality books collected from previous sales, will be broken down, recycled, and used to print paper programmes for our 2022-23 Season.

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